Questions and Answers

Questions & AnswersQ - How many miles can I expect to run each week?
A - 2,800 to 3,500 on average

Q - Does Rudolph Freight compensate by the mile or by percentage of revenue?
A - Rudolph Freight compensates by the mile and we compensate the same rate and same fuel surcharge for ALL miles, loaded and empty.

Q - What percent of Rudolph's freight is drop and hook?
A - About 70%

Q - What is the average length of haul per dispatch?
A - 900 to 1,000 miles on average

Q - Do you have forced dispatched?
A - No, Rudolph Freight does not force dispatch.

Q - What program advantages does Rudolph Freight offer Power Providers?
A - Rudolph Freight offers trailers with no usage fee or maintenance fee, a top discount Comdata fuel card system, no touch freight, no escrow of funds and Power Providers that offer an insurance and tag option for those companies without their authority.

Q- What kind of trailers does Rudolph Freight provide?
A- Rudolph Freight is 100% 53' ft air ride, swing door, dry vans.  

Q - Does a Power Provider have to have his own authority to haul loads for Rudolph Freight?
A - No. Drivers without their own authority can drive for Power Providers under contract with Rudolph, looking for new/additional drivers.

Q - Does Rudolph Freight have a toll reimbursement program?
A - Yes. Rudolph Freight can invoice shippers for your toll costs and will pass these payments to you. Rudolph Freight is usually able to obtain reimbursement for most tolls in the Northeast as well as metro Chicago.

Rudolph Freight, Inc. is a 3rd party logistics provider that does not contract with truck drivers but does facilitate recruiting leads to the motor carriers (known as Power Providers) with which it regularly tenders freight. All applicants requesting information to provide driver and freight hauling services to Rudolph Freight, Inc. as a driver will be referred by Rudolph Freight, Inc. on a priority basis to our core Power Provider vendor.